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I'm taking a break...

Posted by NeroGeist - January 29th, 2012

So, for the last couple weeks trying to get used to college again, I realize that this semester is going to take over my life. This is unfortunate cause that means it will be interfering with my animation time. So I thought, "Hey! I can rough it through! No problem". Well I was wrong. Trying to squeeze animation in my schedule is not working out. Not because I have no time, but because of the mental stress it has been putting on me. Not to mention the other stresses of finding out what I'm going to for school next year and trying to find a job on campus for this semester. I realize I can't do it all. Some people could, but my mind can't handle all of these burdens. So I have decided.... I'm going to put my focus into school this semester. This means that I only may be able to get maybe 1-2 animations in the next 4-5 months.. MAYBE. I'm sorry for any of you guys who were excited to see what I have next in planned. I love doing what I do, but if it means being stressed out and depressed all of the time, then maybe I should get my life straight first... :/


I was literally just going on your profile to remember your email address to say hey and find out what you where up to when I saw this

That's a shame but you shouldn't feel bad about it! If it's getting you down then it's time for a break anyway, even if you don't have uni to deal with

and with the pressure off, you never know, you might find your self doing some story boarding or animatics just for fun for your self

Anyway, don't let uni get on top of you!!

think of animation as something to do for fun in your spare time instead of playing video games or something. i donno i guess animation can be stressful on the mind but it can also be rewarding and make yourself feel better after stressful points in school

i share your distress, college has been made a bit simpler for me this semester, but homework will be the end of me i tell you

haha I'd consider even a single animation in 4 or 5 months amazing.

It's okay, man. No worries. xD