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Hello World! My name is Nick Wolfgang Luetmer! Or as the internet likes to call me, NeroGeist.

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I liked it!

That was pretty awesome! Also, am I the only person around here who thinks that your artwork kinda looks like Invader Zim?

Fairly legit for a 18 year old mate ;) Did you add the song after the flash was done or before? Cause it feels like you kind of went along with it.

Should you find yourself in need for a voice actor any time the coming year, PM me ;)

It's just... incredible.
While the art is simple, it still holds power, and it suits the storyline well.
The music fit with this PERFECTLY.

NeroGeist, be informed that I shall now be stalking your works. :33

I really liked it. It was a neato little story. I also really like your art-style.

awesome animation dude, and the music completed the package! just what i needed to start the new year on a posative note.

the music was intresting and really went with the story line it looks kind of like invader zims type of drawing which is cool i guess by the way will you ever turn this into a story line i bet a ton of people would enjoy it

Too many reviews, thought I'd give my thoughts here. :P Anyways, I don't need to tell you what you already know, but hey... feels good to know what others think right. So, I have to say that you did a great job on the animation.

Anyways I'm striving in animation too, at least trying to get better. I'm not as good as you, but maybe that's a difference in time and effort, and the funny thing is you work at Micky D's, and I work at subway! :P Nah just felt like adding that in. :D

Anyways, maybe we can do a collab sometime. I look forward to it if it is possible.

good music, cool story line and a very great art! nerogeist, you ar awesome! would you please make a sequel of this piece of art filled with awesomeness? pm me please!

I could just reply here though! :P

MAYBE, that's all I'm saying :]

What was the full name of the song that you used? I've been trying to find it an no luck what so ever.

It's called "Shadows" by Lindsey Stirling, you can get it from her website! :P

Great job Nero! :D

Thank you! :D

This is an amazing short and the music is spectacular! I have never really been a fan of movies on newgrounds, but something told me to give this one a shot and now after watching it I am a huge fan of Lindsey, huge fan of your work, and I ABSOLUTELY loved this piece. I think you did a fantastic job at using the music along with the animation and did a great job at telling the story with no spoken dialogue. This is a well done piece and definitely deserves frontpage! Thanks for making this and for introducing me to Lindseys music!


This is a great piece of animation! and the music with the animation has perfect synergy. Beautiful stuff hurr!

I tell you, I never fully appreciated your work, but after seeing The guardian, I just realized how good an artist you are.

Never stop drawing.

thank you nerogeist for the responding!